Saturday, August 21, 2010


Anil M. Khimji - Davos Debates in India 2009

Khimji Ramdas Launches India Operations

Kanaksi Gokaldas Khimji :Customer First

Customer First

"For decades now, Khimji Ramdas has always striven to offer quality products and services to the people in Oman. Our ubiquitous presence, our strong reliable service support, and a deep understanding of the market, has led many global and premium domestic brands to partner with us.

Our credo of 'Customer First' has earned us the abiding faith and trust of all our stakeholders. Today, as our nation's economy becomes stronger, KR stands committed to caring for and enriching the lives of all those we touch with our diverse offerings."

"We are proud of our achievements over the years, yet in all humility see them as milestones in our unending quest for excellence, a journey ignited by passion to be the best and to offer the best.

It’s rooted in our core belief of trust, care and commitment, the qualities that will enable us to face the challenges of the future."

Sheikh Kanaksi Gokaldas Khimji
Khimji Ramdas

Anil M. Khimji : Smiles Around You

The Last Word
(Signature Magazine, May 2010)

"What worries me most is when I find people working for me losing their smile. It immediately sets me thinking - is there something that I could have done to have stopped that from happening! I do believe that if people around me are not genuinely happy, one's own sense of well-being will be short lived. Make sure there are smiles around you at home or at work."

Anil M. Khimji
Khimji Ramdas

Ajay M. Khimji : I have started handling situations in a better way."

A Day In The Life Of A CEO
(Oman Economic Review, July 2004)

"I take each day as it comes. In business, there are lots of ups and downs, but I try to handle things in a peaceful manner, especially while dealing with problems."

"I practice my Art of Living breathing regimen daily and do a bit of meditation too. I am enjoying it. Attending the course has helped me to start accepting things as they are, and I have started handling situations in a better way."

Ajay M. Khimji
Khimji Ramdas

Pankaj K. Khimji : Operational Challenges to Businesses

A Way Forward

Retail Interview
(Oxford Business Group, The Report - Oman 2010)

"The mall syndrome is bound to bite into smaller Omani retailers. At the same time entrepreneurial ventures and small businesses will play an important role in job creation and Omanisation, so small-scale retail operations have a chance to lead as well. The government, too, needs to lend more support and encouragement to smaller businesses, which it is starting to do. Some have criticized Omanisation as a detriment to revenue streams. No doubt it presents operational challenges to businesses, but it is the only way forward."

Pankaj K. Khimji
Khimji Ramdas

Nailesh K. Khimji : Share experiences! Don't give advice!

Share Your Experiences
(Oman Economic Review, March 2010)

"The Best Advice that I ever got is - Share experiences! Don't give advice!

This is part of the training we must undergo whilst joining a forum as a member of the EO (Entrepreneurs Organisation).What it means is that when someone approaches you with an issue or a situation, don't undermine the person by giving advice. (i.e) avoid the sentence "I think you should...." Share your experiences instead, good and bad both. (i.e) "I (or a person I know) had a similar situation, and did (so and so) and the result was (so and so)..."

Hence the person can decide which direction he/she would like to take all the while keeping their self esteem intact! This keeps you to respect others and vice versa..."

Nailesh K. Khimji
Khimji Ramdas


A Good Advertisement
(Business Today, March 2010)

"In my opinion, the success of a good ad is simple: does the viewer/customer remember that piece of advertising for more than 30 seconds? If the answer to that question is yes, then the goal has been achieved. Remembering the ad is one thing, the ad resulting in increase in sales is another. The question that needs to be asked is that how many more people have bought or tried the product because they have seen the ad? Advertising companies spend hours and hours researching human behavior and understand what the consumer wants. I, for one, am a sports fan and I ensure that any new product that is advertised during my favorite games is at the back of mind to either try or find out more on the internet!"

Hritik A. Khimji
Khimji Ramdas

Sunday, August 15, 2010

To Value Our Nation

!=- -..(*..-=_;
Let’s Take Decision
To Value Our Nation
Won’t Forget Those Sacrifices,
Who Gave Us Freedom
Now Its Our Turn
To Have A Reformation.


Lets Celebrate Dis Day.
D Day Dat Gave Us D Freedom Of Thought, Action, Faith n Speech

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Respected Dr.Pravinbhai,
thanks for the nice close up picture of Mahalaxmi of Kolhapur. very recently i had an opportunity of having the darshan touching mataji's feet.
i m a religeous person with a spiritual bent of mind, but do not believe in superstition of forwarding mails. though i have opened it, won't forward it to anyone
if emails could bring good luck, none (at least none of the technocrats) will be unhappy on this earth. if wishes were horses everyone would ride them.
please do not feel offended but let us learn to see the "shakti" in mother goddess, worship Her rather than tossing Her on mails.
with very warm regards and best wishes,