Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nailesh K. Khimji : Share experiences! Don't give advice!

Share Your Experiences
(Oman Economic Review, March 2010)

"The Best Advice that I ever got is - Share experiences! Don't give advice!

This is part of the training we must undergo whilst joining a forum as a member of the EO (Entrepreneurs Organisation).What it means is that when someone approaches you with an issue or a situation, don't undermine the person by giving advice. (i.e) avoid the sentence "I think you should...." Share your experiences instead, good and bad both. (i.e) "I (or a person I know) had a similar situation, and did (so and so) and the result was (so and so)..."

Hence the person can decide which direction he/she would like to take all the while keeping their self esteem intact! This keeps you to respect others and vice versa..."

Nailesh K. Khimji
Khimji Ramdas

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